Weekly yoga classes on Wednesdays, 6 – 7.30pm

Headingley HEART – community centre
Bennett Road



Charges – If you’ve never done a class with me before: £6, or single session £8, or term of four classes £26 if you pay in advance

This class now needs to be booked in advance; please email or call to register your interest.


Weekly yoga classes on Tuesdays, 11 – 12 noon 

Friends Meeting House

New Adel Lane (just past Lawnswood Cemetery)

LS16  6AZ

Charges – If you’ve never been to a class of mine before: £6 for a trial session, or £7 per single session, or £24 for four sessions if you pay in advance

Just turn up whenever you like.

These classes are in the lovely garden room which is through the main door and to the right. Please note there is another yoga class already underway in the room to the left; please avoid disturbing them as their class is already underway by the time we are arriving.


These are friendly, meditative classes open to all. There are no assumptions about ability or previous experience as techniques accommodate and challenge everyone according to their unique make-up. 

Yoga directs us to the resources that lie within and encourages us to gently loosen the grip of will and habit enough to allow these resources to flourish for greater ease, connection, depth and kindness. There are a thousand ways to learn about this and each class offers a different facet of yoga to explore. The classes are quite gentle physically, but techniques require your rigorous attention!


Feedback I receive most frequently about classes goes something like this:

‘It’s as if you know exactly what I need!’

‘Deeply therapeutic’

‘Playful and very demanding!’

‘I wish I’d discovered you years ago’

‘I always feel much better after your classes’

‘You make me laugh’ (oh!)

‘I only realised how hard I’d been working afterwards’

‘…mindful and embodied…truly holistic…’

There are plenty of spare mats & blocks available to bring the practices to meet your needs; wear comfortable layers. Please consult your doctor if you have a medical condition & contact me before attending if you’re pregnant or you have any queries or concerns.


Clare McAlpinefully qualified & insured yoga teacher since 1992,  craniosacral therapist & play therapist.